Research Associate in many-body method development

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Institute: King’s College London
Closing date: 25 August 2022

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Applicants are sought for a postdoctoral position in the field of quantum chemistry/condensed matter physics, to develop computational approaches to tackle strongly interacting quantum many-body problems. The positions are to be held at King’s College London, UK, in the research group of Dr. George Booth.

The project will develop novel wave function based methodology based on locality of correlations, whilst also relying on machine-learning and stochastic approaches for dimensionality reduction. We aim to apply these ideas to correlated systems ranging from lattice models to ab initio correlated materials of technological interest, working collaboratively in a research group spanning these interests, and wider London-based materials modelling environment with excellent wider collaborative opportunities.

The candidate should have a strong track record in scientific programming, and theoretical modelling and development in quantum many-body problems from a condensed matter or chemistry background, e.g. (though not limited to) coupled-cluster, post-mean-field quantum chemistry, dynamical mean-field theory, Monte Carlo methods or Green’s function methodology, with application to correlated materials, molecules or lattice models. More information can be found via the job advert here:

Candidates are also encouraged to view recent publications for a flavour of the group research, (see as well as get in contact with the PI directly at for any informal discussions on project details and potential suitability. We seek a candidate to start as soon as possible, and with closing date for applications of 25th August, with the post expected to last one year in the first instance.