Professor Adrian Sutton FRS

Imperial College London

Department: Department: Physics
Institution: Imperial College London

Research summary

I have worked in a very wide range of areas in theory and simulation of materials at the atomic and microstructural scales. I am currently working on coarse-grained modelling of polymers in which polymer chains are represented by elastic wires. This has applications to a wide range of topics in the physics and engineering of polymers and polymer composites. My interests and experience span functional and structural applications of all the major types of material. I have consulted for companies in the UK, the US and Japan, and I have benefited from collaborations in Europe, the US and Japan. At Imperial College I am the Director for the Centre for Doctoral Training on Theory and Simulation of Materials:


Graphene, Dislocations, Elasticity, Electron Diffraction, Grain Boundaries, Interfaces, Microstructural Evolution, Point Defects, Strain Contrast, Plasmonics, Radiation Damage, Front-Tracking Methods, Genetic Algorithms, Kinetic Monte Carlo, Mesoscale Modelling, Tight-Binding Methods, Plasmonics, Radiation Damage