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TYC Early Career Researchers’ Forum: Mustafa Abbas

2 May @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

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Venue: UCL Physics E3/7

Mustafa Abbas, visitor of Alex Shluger and Sir Richard Catlow, talking about the challenges of research at his university in Sudan.

Mustafa is visiting the Thomas Young Centre to learn how to confidently use Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Dynamics software tools and learn about the potential insight those software packages can provide. He works in the following areas: Catalysis, crystallization, adsorption, and photovoltaics. 

A Sudanese academic presents an overview of the challenges facing researchers in the midst of political and economic instability as well as years of civil wars, revolutions and ongoing military conflicts. Based on the UNESCO report he conducted on nanotechnology challenges, in addition to his 15 years of personal experience, he presents the difficulties facing researchers in his country. He also shares inspiring success stories of his PhD students who have persevered against all odds. Despite the challenging circumstances, the presentation highlights the importance of scientific progress and the potential for innovation to positively impact the future of Sudan.

Dr. Mustafa Abbas Mustafa is the Chair holder of the UNESCO Chair on Materials and Nanotechnology at the University of Khartoum, Sudan. He is currently on sabbatical leave and is hosted by Prof. Alex Shluger and Prof Sir Richard Catlow. He has extensive research experience in Process Systems Engineering and Nanotechnology, with applications in areas including the Oil and Gas Industry, Bio-refineries and water/waste treatment. He has published extensively in top journals as well as received numerous awards for his scientific research excellence. He is a member of various professional bodies including the UKRI International Development Peer Review College. Furthermore, he has also provided consultancy services to a number of national and international bodies, including UNESCO and Hydro Industries Ltd (UK).

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