Working with industry

Computer modelling of materials and their applications are now essential parts of the research and development efforts of many of the world’s leading organisations and can be incredibly valuable for businesses of all sizes. Simulation methods employed by TYC researchers can increase efficiency, providing fundamental understanding to accelerate product development across industry.

TYC researchers work with several large companies such as Astra Zeneca, Johnson Matthey, BASF, Cambridge Carbon Capture, BP, and Shell, to provide solutions to research and bespoke training.

Bespoke training, research consultancy development and long-term partnerships are available at the TYC, an internationally recognised hub of expertise at the cutting-edge of developments in the field.  Our research covers a broad spectrum of industrial sectors <link>.

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Industrial sectors

The work of the TYC encompasses a wide range of materials that are important and relevant to industry and large and small businesses.  Examples of the industrial sectors that the TYC can provide consultancy and expertise for, include:

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