High value manufacturing

The semiconductor industry is perpetually evolving, with a drive towards fabrication at the 10 nm scale posing fresh challenges. Continual innovation by the major players in the electronics industry is needed to stay ahead of the competition. With computational modelling extending its reach to the length scales of interest, there are now increasing opportunities for computer-aided design at the nanoscale in support of the industries concerned with electronics, optoelectronics, and optical materials.

Our case studies give examples of collaborative projects between TYC groups and the high value manufacturing sector.

Examples of materials modelling relating to high value manufacturing areas in TYC include:

  • High-k dielectrics for transistor gate materials
  • Tuning photoluminescent properties by doping
  • Improving fabrication processes by exploring options for epitaxy, etching and ion implantation
  • Organic interfaces for opto-electronic applications
  • Properties of graphene for electronic applications
  • Bandgap engineering in semiconductors