Industry associations

The centre has long standing partnerships with national laboratories such as the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory, as well as a strong track record in working with several large companies such as BP and Johnson Matthey, to provide training and research solutions. Here you will find examples of current collaborations between industry and the Thomas Young Centre.

Quantum computing on metalloenzymes (large MP2 calculations), and developing molecular similarity metrics to use for drug design

Jarvist Frost (
Imperial College London


Joint project funded by Samsung on materials optimisation for thermoelectrics. First collaborative paper released in July 2021 (

Aron Walsh (
Imperial College London

Google DeepMind

Collaboration on neural network electronic structure. Deepmind researchers are also co-supervising two Imperial PhD students

Matthew Foulkes (
Imperial College London

James Spencer
Deepmind & Johnson Matthey

InnovateUK grant on moving quantum computing to the solid state

George Booth (
King’s College London