TYC Journal Club

TYC Journal Club is organised by PhD students and postdocs from University College London, Imperial College London, King’s College London, and Queen Mary University of London. It is designed to be a useful platform for developing skills in critical analysis of literature, presentation and discussion, with the added benefit of building friendships and networking with peers from across the field of materials and molecular modelling throughout London.

Students and postdocs can take turns to choose their own recent paper to present, or to nominate an interesting paper they have come across recently for discussion. Topics are broad, some recent examples include:

Meeting over coffee and biscuits on Wednesday mornings at 11am in room A13 on the top floor of UCL Physics, Journal Club enhances the TYC early career researcher experience by exposing them to the TYC community ethos. Scientific horizons are broadened, and presentation skills enhanced, helping to prepare PhDs and Postdocs for attending large conferences.


For further details of the scheme, please contact the current Journal Club custodian, Jack Strand, by email at jack.strand.14@ucl.ac.uk