Recent worldwide events have mobilised every country on the planet to sharpen focus and increase expenditure in research into healthcare.  Almost every area of this vast activity – from vaccine development to medical implants to pharmaceuticals, and from biosensing to food science – involves the properties of materials. Here at TYC, we interpret the notion of “materials” in a very broad sense, and our expertise covers not only hard and soft artificial materials but also the cells and the biominerals that make up the body itself.

Examples of materials modelling in healthcare by research groups in TYC in this area include:

  • Predicting polymorphism in pharmaceutical materials
  • Bioactive glasses for implants and tissue engineering
  • Rheological properties of foams and emulsions for the food industry
  • Molecular-level mechanisms of growth of biominerals (bones, teeth…)
  • Erosion of tooth enamel by citric acid
  • Design of nanoparticles for drug delivery
  • Operating mechanism of cantilever bio-nano sensors