TYC Soiree: Many-Body Theory Calculations on Materials – Marina Filip & Linn Leppert

Marina Filip - University of Oxford & Linn Lepert - University of Twente LG26, Bentham House
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TYC Soiree: Many-Body Theory Calculations on Materials – Marina Filip & Linn Leppert

Venue: LG26, Bentham House,

18 January @ 4:00 pm 6:00 pm

Marina Filip – University of Oxford

Linn Leppert – University of Twente
A first-principles perovskites potpourri: Electronic and excited-state structure of double, layered, extended and non-perovskites
Perovskite solar cells in which methylammonium lead iodide is used as a solar absorber material, have reached maturity in the last years owing to a concerted effort to optimize material synthesis, stability, and device performance. However, the halide perovskite family features thousands of other stable members with highly tunable optoelectronic properties. In this presentation, I will provide an overview of our current understanding of the electronic and excited-state structure of several classes of perovskites – double, layered, extended – as well as some perovskite-like structures (thrown in for good measure). We use Green’s function-based many-body perturbation theory in the GW and Bethe-Salpeter Equation approach to calculate accurate bandstructures [1, 2], optical absorption spectra and excitonic properties from first principles. Our calculations allow us to map the complex landscape of electronic properties and excitons, understand the impact of chemical heterogeneity [3 – 6], dimensionality [5 -7] and temperature effects [8], and provide chemically intuitive rules for when to trust canonical models for excitons in these materials.

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Organised by:

Martijn Zwijnenburg