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Twistronics of 2D materials: from modelling to real systems

Our workshop aims to bring together researchers from different modelling communities (including those using atomistic ab initio approaches, continuum approaches, emergent moiré lattice models, topological methods, strong correlation as well as excited state and non-equilibrium techniques) as well as experimentalists to identify synergies and possible ways forward.

Venue: National Graphene Institute of the University of Manchester (in-person, talks can be attended remotely via zoom)

MMM Hub Conference & User Meeting

The Materials and Molecular Modelling (MMM) Hub is holding a conference and user meeting on 8-9 November 2023, to bring together the national community of modellers in materials and theoretical chemistry to present the latest research in the field, and provide the opportunity to network and discuss with like-minded researchers.

Venue: HPE Centre for Innovation, Techworks, 1 Aldermanbury Square, London, EC2V 7HR, United Kingdom

TYC Symposium: Data Driven Materials Design

Tian Xie: Microsoft Corporation
Yuqi Song, University of Maine (Virtual) - AI for science: Accelerating the discovery of advanced materials using data-driven AI techniques
Daniel Davies, Benevolent AI - Making the leap to software engineering (and bringing your research interests with you)
Sterling Barid: The Acceleration Consortium (Virtual)

Venue: Mary Ward House, Tavistock Pl, London WC1H 9SN, UK

Registration is free but required to attend the symposium

TYC Recently Appointed Academic Talks 

James P. Ewen - Imperial: From silicon to silicone alternatives: towards virtual screening of hair care ingredients
Venkat Kapil - UCL: Machine Learning for full quantum first-principles simulations
Ivana Savic - King's: Heat transport in strongly anharmonic materials from first principles using the Green-Kubo approach
Jan M. Tomczak - King's: Simulating electronic structure and transport properties for correlated materials

Venue: King’s Council Room, King's College London

TYC Soiree: Many-Body Theory Calculations on Materials – Marina Filip & Linn Leppert

Marina Filip, Oxford: Excitons in Heterogeneous Semiconductors from First Principles Computational Modeling: Impact of Ionic Vibrations, Temperature, Crystal Structure and Chemical Composition
Linn Lepert, U. of Twente: A first-principles perovskites potpourri: Electronic and excited-state structure of double, layered, extended and non-perovskites

LG11, Bentham House