Dr Michelle Sahai

Brunel University London

Department: Biosciences
Institution: Brunel University London
Email: michelle.sahai@brunel.ac.uk
Phone: 01895 267959
Website: https://www.brunel.ac.uk/people/michelle-sahai

Research summary

Understanding biological processes is vital for discovering disease mechanisms and new treatment targets. The roles of membrane proteins in cell signalling, transport, and metabolism are fundamental to cellular function, and any disruptions in these processes are central to many diseases, highlighting the importance of studying these proteins for developing new therapies. The main interest of the group is focused on the atomistic-level study of membrane protein dynamics, developing computational models that explain the behaviours and interactions of receptors and transporters with various ligands. These in silico methodologies, underpinned by the PI’s extensive expertise in the dynamics of membrane proteins, receptor-ligand interactions, and molecular simulations, have laid a strong foundation for the groups work across various disease models.


Protein Structure, Biomolecular Systems, Proteins, Small Molecules