Dr Marcello Sega, Associate Professor

University College London

Department: Chemical Engineering
Institution: University College London
Email: m.sega@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: +44 20 3108 4957
Website: https://profiles.ucl.ac.uk/89616

Research summary

My research focuses on exploring the properties of liquids, ranging from simple substances to complex biological systems, with a particular emphasis on understanding interfaces. I utilize advanced simulation methods that operate on both atomistic and mesoscopic scales.

These include atomistic molecular dynamics, lattice-Boltzmann methods for fluid dynamics simulations, computational geometry for analysing the nuanced characteristics of interfaces, and machine learning techniques to develop models that achieve the predictive accuracy of ab-initio calculations.


Chemical physics ; physical chemistry ; molecular thermodynamics ; computational fluid dynamics; molecular dynamics ; lattice Boltzmann ; liquid interfaces ; machine learned potentials