Dr Chiu Fan Lee

Imperial College London

Department: Bioengineering
Institution: Imperial College London
Email: c.lee@imperial.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 6493

Research summary

My group employ tools of statistical mechanics, soft condensed matter physics, applied mathematics, and computation methods to study universal behaviour in biological systems. Our research expands the horizons of physics and biology by studying biological problems that require the development of novel physics. We enjoy close collaborations with biologists and bioengineers. Specific biological processes that we are interested in include protein amyloid self-assembly, cytoplasmic pattern formation, tissue homeostasis, and collective behaviour in living organisms.


Active cell, tissue, and organism dynamics, Active matter, Intracellular phase separation, Non-equilibrium phase separation, Amyloid self-assembly, Biopolymer self-assembly