Dr Devis Di Tommaso


Department: School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Email: d.ditommaso@qmul.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7882 6226

Research summary

The research group of Dr. Devis Di Tommaso, a Royal Society Industry Fellow and Lecturer in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at the Queen Mary, University of London, focuses on the development and application of computational chemistry techniques to solve a wide range of problems in Physical and Materials Chemistry.

We are particularly interested in modelling processes of crystal nucleation and growth of organic and inorganic materials from complex solutions. Our aim is to understand how the chemistry of solution (nature of the solvent and type and concentration of solution additive) controls the kinetics of crystal growth and the process of polymorph selection during crystallization from solution.

We employ a variety of theoretical techniques including electronic structure methods, first principles and classical dynamics, and continuum approaches and we make extensive use of supercomputing facilities.


Alumino-Silicate Materials, Aqueous Solutions, Minerals, Adsorption, Aerosols, Crystal Growth, Solvation, Glassy Materials, Free Energy, Ab Initio M.D., Implicit Solvent Methods, Glassy Materials, Free Energy