Dr Ismael Diez Perez

King's College London

Department: Physics
Institution: King’s College London
Email: ismael.diez_perez@kcl.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7848 7541

Research summary

Charge transport is ubiquitous in Life and regulates almost every biological function. The vision of BioMolecular Electronics at King’s College London is understanding the supramolecular basis that sustain highly efficient charge diffusion in living organisms. We use biophysical approaches to tackle into this complex problem across different length scales; from very simple molecular backbones to large protein complexes.

BioMolecular Electronics Group @ KCL


Atomic Force Microscopy, Biomaterials, Conductivity (Electrical), Electron Transfer Mechanisms, Bionanoscience, Nano-Bio Systems, Bionanoscience, Nano-Bio Systems