Department: Physics
Institution: King’s College London

Research summary

We study electronic, optical, and thermoelectric properties of correlated materials, such as transition-metal oxides, intermetallics, rare-earth compounds, and iron pnictides and chalcogenides, using realistic computer simulations. Owing to strong Coulomb interactions, electrons in these materials are in a collective state that is extremely sensitive to external perturbations, resulting in rich phase-diagrams and a propensity for large response functions. This high sensitivity is a harbinger for many technological applications, such as optoelectronic switches, sensors, memory storage, and thermoelectrics.
In our work, we aim for a fundamental and microscopic understanding of correlated materials and to make accurate theoretical predictions for their properties and applicability in functional devices a reality.


Strongly Correlated Materials, Electronic Structure Theory, Many-Body Simulations, Transport Properties, Thermoelectricity