Dr Ozgur Yazaydin

University College London

Department: Chemical Engineering
Institution: UCL
Email: ozgur.yazaydin@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: +44(0)20 7679 3439

Research summary

Dr Yazaydin’s research interests include computational design and modelling, characterization and synthesis of nanostructured materials for applications in separations, catalyst, energy storage and drug delivery. Recent efforts have focused on designing new porous materials with ultrahigh specific surface areas, CO2 capture from flue gas in MOFs, and drug inclusion complexes


Energy Materials, Clays, Molecular Crystals, Adsorption, Chemo-Mechanical Processes, Conductivity (Electrical), Conductivity (Thermal), Confined Fluids, Crystal Growth, Diffusion, Dispersion Interactions, Molecular Adsorption, Self-Assembly, Clay-Polymer Systems, Nanostructures, Porous Media, CASTEP, Crystal Structure Prediction, Porosity, QM/MM