Dr Stefano Bo

King's College London

Department: Physics
Institution: King’s College London
Email: stefano.bo@kcl.ac.uk

Research summary:

I am fascinated by randomness, how it impacts living systems, and the strategies to cope with it and exploit it. The main questions driving my research are: How do living systems deal with fluctuations without being overwhelmed by them? How do cells manage to employ their stochastic machinery to process noisy signals and nonetheless perform tasks reliably? How much does this cost them? How can we exploit fluctuations to design efficient microscopic engines? More concretely I am currently focusing on two main projects:
-Dynamics and thermodynamics of single molecules in biomolecular condensates (aka membraneless organelles)
-Machine learning techniques to extract physical information from stochastic time series, such as the ones obtained from single-molecule experiments


Biological physics, Biomolecular condensates, Stochastic thermodynamics, Active matter, Fluctuations in living systems