Department: Physics
Institution: King’s College London
Phone: +44 020 7848 2854

Research summary

Some of the most challenging and interesting problems of modern physics arise when combining the wonderful world of the quantum with the complexity of having an astronomically large number of particles interacting with each other. This is my main area of study. I am currently interested in two aspects. One is that of understanding the properties of such systems out of equilibrium, when there are flows of currents and things change and fluctuate with time. What are the general laws? What replaces thermodynamics? How can we calculate and predict the behaviours? Another aspect is that of the entanglement present in such systems. Entanglement is probably the most quantum of effects. How does it behave when many particles interact? Can we design interactions that maximize it? I am interested in exact results, powerful numerical techniques and general theorems.


Fluctuation Theorems, Heat Conduction, Phase Transitions, Spin Models, Strongly Correlated Systems, Quantum Dots, Jarzynski Inequality, Jarzynski Equality