Professor Chris Lorenz

King's College London

Department: Physics
Institution: King’s College London
Phone: +44 (0)20 7848 2639

Research summary

Chris is very interested in using his expertise in molecular and atomistic scale simulations to study the structural and mechanical properties of materials in biological, colloidal, interfacial and ionic systems. Recently, some of the areas that have drawn his attention are:

  • Electrokinetic effects of ionic solutions in silica nanochannels
  • Interfacial behaviour of water near titanium and silicon oxide surfaces
  • The effect of molecular structure on the self-assembly of block copolymers into micelles and thin films
  • The structural properties of proteins near mixed lipid membranes and/or self-assembled monolayers
  • The hydration of colloidal micelles and mixed lipid bilayers
  • The structural properties of confined water between self-assembled monolayers
  • The structural and nanotribological properties of self-assembled monolayers
  • The mechanical properties of bio-derived epoxy adhesives


Bioadhesives, Desalination, Colloids, Block Copolymers, Confined Fluids, Interfaces, Lipid Membranes, Nanotribology, Self-Assembly, Nanofluids, Proteins, Coarse Graining Techniques, Colloids, Nanofluids, Proteins