Professor Erich Muller

Imperial College London

Department: Chemical Engineering
Institution: Imperial College London
Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 1569

Research summary

In our group we endeavour to study complex fluids of industrial interest by computer simulation methods. We have developed theories to describe the macroscopic behaviour of fluids by relating them to the microscopic detail observed in our simulations.We have studied in the past questions such as: 1) How does water adsorb and permeate through nanoporous carbons (especially considering that they are hidrophylic)? 2) How do liquid crystals (as those encountered in computer displays) and surfactant-like molecules self-assemble? 3) Why do large molecules, such as asphaltenes, phase separate from fluids, and how to avoid /promote this?

Computer Simulations…


rude Oil, Asphaltenes, Carbon, Water, Adsorption, Associating Fluids, Nanotubes, Self-Assembly, Membranes, Nanopores, Porous Media, Liquid Crystals, Coarse Graining Techniques, Grand Canonical Monte Carlo, Hard Chains, Hard Spheres, Membranes, Nanopores, Porous Media, Liquid Crystals, Liquid Crystals