Professor Fionn Dunne

Imperial College London

Department: Materials
Institution: Imperial College London
Phone: 0207 594 2884

Research summary

Fionn Dunne is Chair in Micromechanics and holds the Royal Academy of Engineering/Rolls-Royce Research Chair at Imperial. His research is in the fundamentals of deformation and failure particularly relating to hcp polycrystal and Ni alloys and includes experiment, characterisation, computational crystal plasticity and discrete dislocation plasticity. Applications include micro-deformation, fatigue crack nucleation, microstructure-sensitive crack growth, and polycrystal sonics for ND.


Aerospace Materials, Automotive Materials, Superplasticity, Crack Propagation, Plasticity, Micromechanics, Microstructure, CRYSTAL (Code), Finite Elements, Failure Mechanisms, Fatigue