Professor Lidunka Vocadlo

University College London

Department: Earth Sciences
Institution: UCL
Phone: +44 (0)20 7679 7919

Research summary

Within our Crystallography and Mineral Physics Group, the main focus of my research has been the use of both computer simulation and experiment to determine the thermoelastic and rheological properties of solid and liquid iron and iron alloys at the extreme conditions of pressure and temperature relevant to the Earth’s core (up to 6000 K and up to 360 GPa). I have also applied these techniques to terrestrial planetary cores and to planetary ices, which provides a focus for our research into the thermoelastic and rheological properties of planetary forming materials and the subsequent incorporation of our results into planetary evolution models.


Earth’s Core, Planetary Interiors, Planetary Materials, Ab Initio M.D., Extreme Conditions, Iron