Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens

University College London

Department: Chemical Engineering
Institution: UCL
Phone: 020 7679 7369

Research summary

Professor Coppens’s research centers on Nature-Inspired Chemical Engineering (NICE), that is, to design and synthesize efficient chemical reaction processes, porous catalysts, and separation systems, guided by the fundamental mechanism underlying desirable properties, like scalability and robustness, in biological systems, from molecular to macroscopic scales. Applications are in the areas of resource efficiency (energy, water and materials), sustainable chemical production, and health.

Research in the Coppens NICE research group is discovery-led and society-oriented, combining theoretical analytical, computational and experimental components.

Marc-Olivier Coppens directs the new EPSRC Frontier Engineering Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering at UCL, which applies this approach to engineering challenges related to sustainability and scalable manufacturing, in collaboration with colleagues from a broad variety of disciplines.


Fuel Cells, Biomaterials, Catalysis, Self-Assembly, Biomolecular Systems, Bionanoscience, Membranes, Nano-Bio Systems